Mahjong Titans

Mahjong Titans is a computer game that has been adapted from Mahjong Solitaire. This game is very popular for its simplicity. It is a greatly enjoyed game that has tiles with Chinese characters and symbols. This game was developed by Oberon Games to include in Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Mahjong Titans is now a standard game for both the Windows OS. The game is similar to all other mahjong games engaging a player to remove all matching free tiles from the board.

Mahjong Titans has 6 built-in layouts, each of which varies in difficulty. There are free tiles in this game which are open on at least one side. Before starting the game a player can right-click on the free tiles to find out all the matches. This helps the player plan beforehand. A player can check the scattered tiles in order to plan his moves – to understand the best position from where it will be best to start removing the tiles.

Mahjong Titans
The game has a layout called the ‘turtle’ layout which covers pieces. A player has to patiently start from the top continuing downwards and free the hidden tiles beneath the stacks. The spider layout allows the player to reload the design if he is unable to remove the topmost tile within his first move. The player gets to begin a new game with a new configuration. Doing this reloading more than three times can get a player have a favored layout.

Mahjong Titans have no shuffle. A blocked path can be undone by a player when he goes undoing his last 10 moves. There will be a different route found in the game. A player can also opt in reloading the layout and starting all over again.

Mahjong Titans has easy sets of options like undo, hint function and help for winning moves. The right click button can be used to find a free tile and also locate its match. Right-clicking also indicates if there is any upcoming match. A player can left-click on a highlighted match, which will remove the matched tiles. A player can click on the ‘Game’ and ‘Hint’ option which instantly highlights two matching tiles. By clicking left on any one of the highlighted tiles, they will be removed automatically.

Mahjong Titans is easy and fun to play. The game has massive following in online gaming communities. Enjoy the simple yet strategically developed game.