Mahjong Connect

Mahjong Connect is a tile game that involves players to concentrate besides having fast hand-eye reflexes and coordination. Planning is important in playing this game. The game is about building a great connect with the game in order play the game right. The basic structure of the game lets the player connect all pairs of identical tiles and remove them in straight lines not exceeding 3.

Mahjong Connect is believed to have been adapted from the original game that developed in China 2000 years back. According to the historians Mahjong developed somewhere near Shanghai. There is no valid evidence to prove the stages of evolution in the game. Mahjong was a royal game. Mahjong Connect has rules that differ from traditional Mahjong. There are some basic things in this game that make it look a bit similar in structure to original Mahjong.

There are 140 tiles in a Mahjong Connect board. Each of them are arranged to form a certain shape. A classic form of Mahjong Connect requires arranging the tiles in a manner as to have 10 vertical tiles and 14 horizontal tiles in each row.

Mahjong Connect Mahjong Connect restricts a player’s movements. The format of the game allows the player to make the connections in the game within his/her limited moves. The complexity of the game is such that players wanting to eliminate a tile, bordered with other tiles on each side, have to first eliminate the tiles on the sides and then try to eliminate the one he aimed at in the first place.

A player is limited to play with the tiles arranged on a perimeter. There are some rules followed while the game is played in this form. The player is able to click on any matching pair of tile but it has to be placed on the same row.

In another form of the game, players can connect tiles if he can complete his connecting move within 3 steps. A player attempting to connect tiles placed close to each other cannot do so if he/she fails to make the connection within 3 moves. Certain Mahjong Connect games come with the timer option. In order to win the game a player can aim to finish the game within the timeframe.

Mahjong Connect lets players improve their levels of strategy, planning and logical reasoning. It is a very popular game that helps build a person’s thinking waves.