Mahjong Safari

Mahjong Safari is a game of tiles. A player has to aim at removing all the tiles from the gaming board. Identical tiles are to be matched by being connected by a line. There will not be more than two turns for a player to make his match.

There are special tiles in Mahjong Safari - star tiles, powerup tiles and animal tiles. In order to understand the tiles and strategies of the game, Mahjong safari game is discussed below.

How Mahjong Safari is played

The goal of the game is to remove all matching pairs of tiles. A player can remove only those tiles that can be connected by a line within two turns of play. A player can aim at earning token points by matching the tiles placed far from each other. A player will win more points for matching tiles that are placed further from each other. A player can earn combo bonuses if he/she is quick in matching tiles one after another. In order to make high scores, a player can make quick consecutive tile matching to earn combo bonuses.

Mahjong Safari There are two important tiles in Mahjong Safari which helps a player move fast in the game. Stars are tiles which when matched can earn one of each powerup. Mini-Animals are tiles that do not have identical matches. Matching two halves of the same animal will let the player earn a mini-animal. The player can collect 10 of these and win a spin.

A player must keep a note of the lower left part of the computer screen which will display Tiles and Available Matches. Keeping an eye on these numbers, players can keep a count of the matches and also know the progress of the game.

A player can match ten mini animals and complete a safari. A player can check the animals he matched. These animals will be displayed on the left side of the screen. A player winning a safari means a jackpot spin for the player and a bonus for all present in the room.

Powerup tiles play a significant role in Mahjong Safari. Star tiles are matched to earn powerups. There are 3 types of powerups to be earned in this game –

  • Shuffle which will allow a player to mix all the tiles when he gets blocked.
  • Long Line allows a player match two tiles using more than two turns.
  • Hint gives the player a hint about an available match.

Mahjong Safari is a game that has numerous ways of scoring. A player can earn as many tokens to increase his score. Every 100 points provide players with 1 token. There are certain techniques that can be implemented to win the game. Mahjong Safari is best played by applying the basic techniques. This mahjong online game is a favorite among online gamers.